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My loss is your gain!!! I have been bow hunting since 1965. I recently had cardiac surgery and as you can imagine my hunting days are over. This Bow has been on 2 three-day hunts plus practice. I have a complete package to sell and I mean complete. The package consists of the following:
1- Matthew’s LH solo cam Ultra Max (one of the finest bow Matthew’s ever made this bow is smooth quiet, light weight and above all else LIGHTNING FAST. Matthew’s Specs and Product review below. It comes with a 65% and 80% let off cams. Leather Bow Wrist sling, Whisker Biscuit sure shot rest, Matthew’s Custom Camo quick attach Quiver, Fletcher Tru Peep Sight, Tru Fire 360 degree Release., Camo Arm Guard, Sims Limb Savers Ultr Quad, 6-Gold Tip XT Hunter Carbon Crested Shafts, With GT Series Knocks and Inserts With Vanes, Cobra Venom 3 Pin Sight, Straight Shot VCS Stabilizer, 6- NAP Thunderhead Broadheads 100 grain with matching 100 grain Field Tips. This package comes all dressed up in a Lockable Flambeau Airline Approved Hardcase. Now if that wasn’t enough I am including a Northstarr 300lb capacity Climbing Tree Stand with Safety Harness and Bow Holder. If I can find my Range Finder I will send it at no charge as the Package price does not include it! I have other accessories around and if they warrant the cost of shipping I’ll send them too! You will also receive a 52” Flat HD Television, A Fully Stocked Bar and Hooter Girls that can serve you’re drinks and Field Dress Your Kills!!!! Just kidding about Bar, TV and Girls!!!!!
Manufacturer: Mathews
Product Type: Compound Bow (solo cam)
Model Name: Ultra Max
Retail Price: $525.00
Number of hours (or days, please indicate which) spent testing: 1 year
Atmospheric conditions encountered during testing (i.e. rain, snow, etc.): variable
Temperature range during testing: variable
State in which tested: Connecticut
Terrain (i.e. rolling hills, flat, mountains, etc.): 3-d & in the field
Would you recommend this product: Yes
I found the Mathews Ultra Max to be a very well balanced, quiet and exceptionally fast bow. It has performed exceptionally well on the 3-d course with it's flat trajectory. On the downside Mathews accessories (ie.quiver $89.00) are expensive. However the fit and finish of the bow and its accessories are superb.
Kevin Bodge,
Manufacturer: Mathews
IBO Rating: 323 fps
Axle-to-Axle: 36" h
Brace Height: 6.125"
Draw Weight: 40-70 lbs.
Bow Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Let-off: 65%, 80%
Draw Lengths: 22"-30"
Half Sizes:
*Specs are approximate
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