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My new Destroyer 350

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Picked up my new D350 last week.
Waiting on my press to arrive so I can do a little tuning on it before I do my brief.
Just wanted to show it off a little until then.
My camera does not take very good pictures but its the best I can do for now.

Mossy Oak Treestand.
HHA OL-5519
Doinker Stab (forgot the name of it)
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what about the mossy oak camo, do you like it. I order a invasion in treestand camo and i dont know how it look in real life...
Actually I do like it quite well. Matches most of the trees around here really well.
I actually orderd Black Ops but somehow my order got screwed up and this one came instead.
Only reason I accepted it is because I actually perfer the MO Treestand.

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I just got a 2011 will love it. If you haven't shot it yet trust me you will never know this is a 6" bh 350 fps bow because it is so smooth. My only bash is that this finish is very second rate to the g5's and elites i have had.
Yeah I have shot it some but now its out of time with the string creep. It was shooting better before then. So I will wait until I get my press to do much more shooting.
Agree with you on the finish. It's a little on the weak side. Really surprised me for being a Bowtech.
All my previous Bowtechs finish was flawless.

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Congrats man....nice bow and a nice press on the way too!
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