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Back story real quick. I've been a Bowtech shooter sine the Experience came out and have upgraded through out the BT flagships as they came out. So I pre ordered a BT Solution in a custom color combo Jan.17.. The bow still to this day has not come in and BT told my dealer they do not have an ETA on shipping... Ok, Ive waited long enough.. Back story

This morning I go to my dealer to see what my options are as to a new bow.. I tried Mathews, Hoyt and Elite , then the PSE. Side note: I bought an Elite Ember for my daughter this morning as well...

So I shoot all of these bows at my draw length 28 3/4" and at 65 lbs. The Mathews ( V3 31" ) and Hoyt ( Ventum 33" ) felt stiff, The Elite ( Enkore ) felt a bit smoother, BUT the PSE was even smoother and dead in the hand. All bows were shot with a Whisker Buscuit, no stabilizers or sight.

I really enjoyed how the PSE cam rolls over into a solid wall with less drawing effort than the others. No noticable hump which is nice. The EVL is set on 85% letoff and 65 lbs.

So I decided that the EVL was the ONE for me, I've not shot a PSE since the original Mach1 era.

The bow is in the First Lite Fusion pattern.. It to me is a nice looking rig..

First shot after setup was a perfect bullet hole.

Arrows are Easton FMJ 5mm with Nockturnal nocks. They weigh in at a total arrow completed weight with a 100 grain head at 438 grains.

Two shots through the Chrono were at 262 fps with a peep, soft nock and D-loop on the string.

This bow is a tack driver... I'm extremely happy with my new setup and glad my "special order" did'nt come in...

PS: my dealer gave me a custom leather PSE belt buckle that was made for a person who never picked it up..


Sighter her in last night at 20 yards!!!

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