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My new toy/ "tool"

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Ok so I finally got my new video camera today. Its a Sony FX1000. I ordered it from B&H last Thursday and it came in today.:D I can't wait to try it out but I'm going to read the noval... I mean owners manual front to back and back to front first.
I know its not the best one out there but its a heck of a lot better than my old one. And should work pretty good for me right now. Now I just need to order my camera arm and tripod.:darkbeer:
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WOW This really sucks! :mg: lol jk buddy. i should be getting mine soon! and it will be way better!
I'm sorry thats all I could afford! How bout this... You use my camera all turkey season and I will use yours. The batterys are charging now.

Dude are you getting the Sony Z7U!?:darkbeer: I hope so I want to give it a try!
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