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My paddlefish and grassies and some gar/how do I make paddlefish

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Just thought I would post some pics up from the weekend sticking fest. We shot over 30 fish between two of us. Long nose gar,short nose gar, common carp,grass carp,buffalo,and drum and one paddlefish. What a weekend. This is my first paddlefish can anyone tell me how to cook it? Thanks fellas!

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Thanks for all the replies guys. I can't wait to try it out. We are in Northern Nebraska fishing the Missouri River Waters. They look kinda strange under water but as someone said above it looks like they have a 2x4 on their head.

We are bowfishing from a boat and that is the best way IMO to sneak up on some fish. Some fish are very spooky so it's almost like stalking a deer only your stalking fish. It's a blast. I would say look for any slack water on the edge of current breaks and wear polarized glasses I prefer amber lenses it really helps you see down into the water.
Well, I finally made good on some recipes. I have to say I tried about 4 different ways of cooking paddlefish and the best one IMO and my wifes was this. Boil 1" cubes in water with some crab boil seasoning and dip in butter. Man I can't think of anything better. Super simple and just plain awesome!

Thanks again for the ideas. Can't wait to draw another tag...:darkbeer:
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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