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My Sons 1st buck!

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I started a thread early Sunday morning that we were going to look for my sons buck. We'll we found him at 7:30a.m. right were I was hoping he would be! On the drive down to the property it started to pour down rain which is not what we wanted. Any sign of blood we had from the night before was gone. Before I go any farther I must tell you my 10yr old son Ty is a outdoor junkie. I started him out very very early so maybe thats my fault. It's a good thing but it's sometimes hard for me to sneak out on my own. I can think of 5 kills he's been on since the age of 5, but this one was all him! This is how it went!

Saturday evening Ty and I got into the woods around 5:00. He has been practicing all summer long with diamond edge bow however he just doesn't feel comfortable shooting out of a treestand just yet, so we took the excalibur vortex crossbow. The oaks were raining acorns! I knew it wouldn't be long before we saw deer but I wasn't expecting the 1st one to be a nice buck. I enclosed a picture of the tree were he was resting the crossbow on. In the background there is a larger tree in which the deer walked from behind giving him a broadside shot not more than 7yrds??
My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it in my ears. The rage broadhead hit just a tad farther back hitting the liver and clipping the diaphram but the deer ran only a short distance and layed down. 20min. later it got up and weak legged crossed a small field and into another section of woods right at dark. That's when I decided to back out and come back in the morning. Tyler must of ask me 1000 questions that night about tracking deer, and he covered every situation. From dark, rain and snow! I did promise him there would be no snow in the morning. Here's what we found not more than 100yrds from were we last saw him. It was awesome! And I'm very proud of him!
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