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My take on the mobile work bench

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I put this together after a shoulder injury where I could not shoot for a month or so.

I took some ideas from different post making similar set ups. I haven’t seen anyone using the pack out system though. I set this up to be a basement tuning area. I can also take the pack out boxes off the hanger and bring them with me for traveling to shoots.

There are more parts and pieces not pictured. I’ll included those as I finish this up.

Any input along the way is always appreciated. I’ve always shot and not done the tuning myself but with being injured on the sidelines I didn’t want to just sit here. So I put this together to be able to do everything over a cold beer instead of a long drive.
Thanks for looking and merry Christmas.
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I like the storage boxes and use of what looks like a desk that raises and lowers? It'll sure help ya for home use and shoots, for sure!
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