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my target panic

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My target panic is really wierd. Here is the deal. I draw, get a good sight picture, but I can not move the pin onto the target. I have to force the pin onto the target and then I "punch" the release. I'm working on it and have learned many "cures" from this site but things are not getting much better.
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i prefer the method of just aiming and no shooting, blankbale is not a solution IMO. i´m not afraid of shooting a blankbale, stand close to the target and aim, aim, aim, but do not shoot, just take down.
It´s about to get comforable with haveing the X in the scope.
when i do this practise i will start shooting anyway after aiming a long time and it´s very calm and uncontrolled shoots.
try this one and give it some time.

Buy the Braden DVD for more info on this procedure
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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