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my target panic

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My target panic is really wierd. Here is the deal. I draw, get a good sight picture, but I can not move the pin onto the target. I have to force the pin onto the target and then I "punch" the release. I'm working on it and have learned many "cures" from this site but things are not getting much better.
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I have experienced this personally and have seen it when coaching.

The reason you cannot put your pin on the target is because you are using it as your trigger to release, ie. when the pin gets onto the target you want to release the arrow.
A way to prove this to be the case is to come to full draw without wishing to release the arrow. If you know you are not going to release the arrow you should be able to put the pin anywhere you like. If this is the what happens you have something that there is no cure for.
The good news is that if you stop using your pin as the trigger to release the arrow your problem will go away.

The reason that I say there is no cure for it is that as long as shoot this way you will freeze under the target.

You need to change your style so that your "form" causes the arrow to release rather than what you are seeing (your present method). Changing releases will only help if you change to shooting form. You can shoot any style of release if you become a "form" shooter.

The majority of the top shooters shoot this way. For them it is the only way they can shut out external influences and self doubt during competitive rounds. If you can find a good coach nearby then get a couple of lessons from him or her. It is much easier to have something explained in person. I would see one as soon as possible, you do not want to be practising freezing under the target.

The problem with info on AT is that it is often given by those who think they know what is happening but do not or by those who mis-interpert questions asked. You need to be wary that advice given in good faith may not be correct.
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