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my target panic

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My target panic is really wierd. Here is the deal. I draw, get a good sight picture, but I can not move the pin onto the target. I have to force the pin onto the target and then I "punch" the release. I'm working on it and have learned many "cures" from this site but things are not getting much better.
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Called freezing and is a form of TP... in my opinion..

try rotational shooting.. you put dots around the outside of a single spot and practice going around.

Another thing I have read is to aim a little high and slowley work down..

This helped me.

FInally: Once I got my Draw length corrected... most of it went away for me..

Not an expert, not even that good a shooter, but this is what I read and seen in Bernie's book and his tapes.. As well as other good shooters that would give advice.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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