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I'm looking to upgrade the accessories on my 2011 Stinger. Right now it has all of the stock package accessories that came with it. Here is a list of what I want to put on my bow and also what it is replacing (for those who don't know what a PSE package comes with).

Rest: Ripcord Code Red (Whisker Biscuit)
Peep: G5 Meta Peep (normal tube style peep)
Sight: Some kind of multi pin Apex sight with a light and micro adjust (PSE Gemini)
String: Custom colors (any suggestions for a camo bow?) (stock strings)
Stabilizer: Possibly the NAP Apache?? (Stock Flexxtech stabilizer)
String Stop: Vibracheck Backstop

Anything there that you guys would suggest changing?? While the funds for these accessories aren't available right now, I hope to have all of these by next hunting season or next summer.
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