My beloved NPX 450 are looking for a new place.
Equipped with pins and tool steel points (120Gr) and AAE Waves - length see pictures

One set was only built and never used the other one has seen a few ends for tuning (before I was forced to take a break) Silly me decided to try cutting one arrow at the rear for tuning which didn't work out - this is the reason why there are only 11 arrows.

Price for the new set (12x) including case €230 | $240
Price for the mint set (11x) w/o case €180 | $190

Price for both together €390 | $410
Shipping Internationally is $35 via UPS express (which usually takes 3-4 business days to the US for example)
Shipping within the EU would be €18

Unfortunately, I have to step away from actively shooting after several health issues, a one-year-long break, and an unsuccessful attempt to start training again recently.

Since my gear won't find much purpose being stored in the basement, I decided to let it go. (there are a few other items listed in the classified section here.

If you have any questions, just hit me up.