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I have shot two wild hogs with these broadheads so far. Complete pass through on the First. Shot was a broadside shot at 20 yards on a 100lb pig cuttign the rib cage on both sides with no problem. Excellent blood trail 50 yards to the pig. Second was on a 145lb hog at 10 yards and was quartering away. I hit a tad low but had a pass thorugh of the rib cage then it hit the right shoulder/leg making a complete cut of the leg bone and passing through. The tip of one blade did break but not sure if it was bone or the tree it hit after the pass through. Again, excellent blood trail. I like these broadheads so far and I normally shoot Muzzy and have tried the 2 Blade Rage on two pigs with niether of the rage making a pass through. The sound of these broadheads hitting bone is wicked...swaaackkk.... love it so far.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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