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NAP Thunderhead 100 Screw In Broadhead

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NAP Thunderhead 100 Screw In Broadhead:

Construction: Hardened High-carbon Steel Tip, Stainless Steel Blades, and Aluminum Ferrule

Weight: 100 grains
Blades: .027 Stainless Steel
Cutting Diameter: 1-3/16"
Heads Per Package: 6
Cost: 29.99 (BassPro Shops)
Head Type: Screw In

New Archery Products has been a leader in high quality archery products. The Thunderhead broadhead has been one of the best selling if not the best selling broadhead of modern archery. I still remember the excitement I got when I got my first box of them back about 15 years ago. They shoot well and were a step above my old satellite heads. The Slimline Low-Drag Ferrule is an innovative design and should help with flight and reduce drag for better penetration.

Rating system: 1 = poor, 10 = best.

Durability: 9 - I can say I really have never had any problems with them. The blades will break but not very often. The one thing I do not like is the O-rings. They tend to dry rot after a while and should be changed at least once a year. The o-rings are the only thing that hurts this broadhead in my honest opinion.

Quality: 10 - NAP have always made very well made products with good quality. They have some of the sharpest blades out there and would run a close second to Rocky Mountains. When it comes to quality NAP is one of the best.

Flight: 8 - Thunderheads fly great but you have to watch that o-ring and make sure you don't get it too tight. If you do you will get some wobble, which can kill accuracy. Once again it is very important to have your equipment tuned. If you do not you will have problems getting any head to fly good. The o-ring really can hurt your accuracy so I have dropped the score for flight due to this.

Price: 9 - They are priced with other good fixed blade heads. Six broad heads for around $30.00 is a good deal in this day of $30.00 for 3 mechanical heads market.

Total Score: 9

Final Comment:
A time proven design, Thunderheads prove that a great product will have a long life. If they where not good they would not be such a big seller. I don't think anyone could go wrong with this quality product.
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Sure do - what broadhead do you have in mind?
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