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nap twisters?

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are these as durable and as accurate as the blazers?? what are your thoughts?
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NAP Twisters

First let me say I am a big fan of NAP products and was not going to say anything negative about them, their quality control is among the best. I would say Twisters are as durable as Blazers. I tried the Twisters because I continually have problems with Blazers not being consistant, but I found the same problem with Twisters. Two different packs two different sizes. I am totally sold on the Blazer concept and at present have just ordered 200 of the new X2 Blazers. Bohning and NAP are both great companies, with a few issues with quality control. For anyone who would say I am bashing, I own a construction business, and don't wait for my customers to tell me something is wrong with my product.
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