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Hello Friends,
The National Archery in the Schools Program is one step closer. As some of you know I have been working for several years to have Olympic style target archery taught to our 6th graders in PE. One aspect of that was becoming certified as an archery instructor. So, last Wednesday, Mrs. Tomlin and I went to class and received our certification. That program was hosted by the MO Dept. of Conservation (MDC). Because of our recent certification we are eligible for a $500 grant from the MDC. I have also been working with BassPro shops and they are offering a matching grant of $500. On top of that BassPro shops is hosting a fund raiser for us this weekend at BassPro in Independence Oct. 4th 11-2. Please stop by and have a free hot dog or Brat. Donations will be acccepted. The cost of the total program is $3000. It is hoped we will come close to hitting that goal. After the equipment is purchased the 2 week PE class will take place and then I will offer and after-school archery club. There will be no cost to the students and Longview Farm will own the equipment. My long term goal is to have a Statewide archery Tournament for the NASP (National archery in Schools Program) schools throughout the state. I have been working with the director of the Kansas City Sports Show since March to make this happen during this years Kansas City Sports Show on Jan. 10th. The NASP (National archery in Schools Program) program began in Kentucky in 2002 and is currently being taught in 46 states and 35 schools are participating in Missouri. Thanks to all who are helping bring archery to our kids.
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