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Hello All
I received this by email with a link.
Now i didn't click on the link.
But I have to ask myself .Do they realy have the hunters best interest at heart.And is this what we our to expect in a few years for the hunter .Or just another way to make a dollar.

It's that time of year again. Your local Hunting Lease Network office is helping
hunters find safe, memorable places to hunt this fall. We've just opened hundreds of farms and ranches that were closed to hunting and fishing. We have inexpensive leases for timber, wetlands, river frontage, lakes, and CRP available now!

Hundreds of properties available in many states; new land added daily

Public internet bidding with fair prices

Low minimum bids set by landowners; some less than $1.00/acre!

Aerial maps, driving directions, land searches and email updates at your computer

Big game, turkey, waterfowl, upland game, fishing leases all available now

Hunting Lease Network bidding and registration is FREE. We contact you and mail the lease when bidding closes. Save time and gas money - view and bid on available land at

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Ebay for Hunting locations it sounds. Yet another obstacle the blue colar man will have to overcome.
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