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Need bow and equip advice

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Hi, Sorry in advance for a long winded post.

I am a longtime bowhunter who hasnt bow hunted in a long time. I am absoluely uneducated on the current trends of archery technology. Recently my 14yoa son decided to sign up for archery with his local 4H group. I went out and bought him an older used PSE Silverhawk bow and the neccesary equipment to shoot with. I had it set up at a local hole in the wall archery shop. I was shocked how well my son shot with the bow. He is a natural shooter. He got second place in his division in a local youth tourney (he would have got 1st but his dad messed up moving a site pin for an unplanned 30 yard shoot)

When we went to State he had a blast and shot well enough but very inconsistent. All arrows were on target. He got 173 out of 300 which put him in the middle of the pack out of 100 kids. I watched closely other shooters who were scoring 295-298. I noted some consistancies in their equipment as well as their shooting style/technique.

After all was said and done I knew then I had to learn more about technique and equipment to improve his game. I started my search on the web and found this site as well as other information. I have learned alot.

My son has absolutely fell in love with archery and I think anything that gets him away from a video game is a good thing and should be encouraged.

So my plan is to have me and my family pitch in and get him a high quality bow and equipment for Christmas. Then we will work hard to improve his technique from what I have learned here and practice.

My son is 14yoa, tall and slim. I am guessing by next season he will be able to comfortably shoot 40-45lbs. I would probably lean closer to 40lbs. They shoot targets at 20 yards for 4H.

So on to my question...

I need advice on getting him a bow for accuracy and will not be tempermental or high maintenance. It will not be used for hunting. My research here is leaning me toward Mathews Prestige but I am not biased.

I would also need advice on equipment; sights, stabilizer, release, arrows and whatever else is needed. I dont need top o the line stuff but I am willing to part with a good chunk of money. So I would say my value range would be mid level and maybe upper range on a couple items that you shouldnt skimp on. Also does anyone have any book recomendations for archery.

Now my 8 yoa daughter has signed up for Archey for her first year. I picked her up a used Mathews Genesis for $75.00. Any thoughts on that?

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Stick with the "Big Four" for a quality bow. Matthews,Hoyt, PSE, and Bowtech. See if you can find local pro shop with good connections with factory pro shooters. Sometimes you can pick up a tack driver {last years model} for a good price. As for sights, stabs, etc., there's a lot of quality stuff out there that won't kill your bankroll. Also, if he is serious about shooting, find him a GOOD archery coach, not "Bubba" from the local sporting goods store. It will be money well spent. AT has a lot a great info and people to learn from. As for the Genesis, excellent choice for a first bow.

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The Prestige is a wonderful bow. Our local Pro shoots ASA Sr. Pro and that is his bow of choice. The Mathews Ignition is also a good bow designed for children. The Martin Fire (I think that is the model) would also be a good choice since it has adjustable draw modules that can go from 18" DL to 28" DL.

The rest of the stuff is wide open. I use the AXCEL sight and love it but a Sword or CBE will work just as well for a little less money. I have a buddy of mine trying to sell his Copper John ANTS on here that would also be a good sight.

Stabs is easy. One word, Doinker.

Arrows, it's up to you. The ASA circuit is full of Gold Tips and Eastons. Those would be my first 2 choices but you can use any of the big name arrows.

Releases are a personal thing. It's what feels best to him. You local shop should let you try a few. If you get the chance to attend an ASA event in 2009 (highly recommended) TRU Ball brings their trailer and allows you to shoot any release they have.

Hope some of this helps. Let us know if you have anymore questions.
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