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NEED HELP! Can sombody with TAP help me with a spine question?

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So I'm shooting VAPs and it turns out, my spine is a little weak. I'm hoping somebody out there would be kind enough to run some numbers and help me find a solution.

Bow: 2010 Martin Shadowcat 29.75" DL @ 58lbs, 70% letoff. String has a peep, D-loop, and a tube-style leech tied at either end.

Arrow: VAP 400, 28" carbon to carbon, 100gn points, 3 Flex-Fletch 200s, Beiter Hunter nocks.

At full draw, there's only about 1/2" of carbon sticking out past the launcher, so cutting them any shorter really isn't an option.

I've ordered some 6" wraps to try to stiffen up the spine a little. My question is whether that will be enough, should I go down to 80gn points, or do I need to spring for 350s.

Thanks for your help!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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