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Heres the story.
I shoot an AlphaMax 32
26"draw set at 70#'s
Iam currantly shooting Carbon Express® Terminator® Lite Hunter Shafts 45 / 60
The shafts are cut at 27" without nocks or inserts and I was told that this shaft is going to be discontinued.

So Iam now in the market to find the lightest, thinest Shaft that I can. Heavy Shafts are not a concern as I shoot inside of 50 yards and the Deer here are all fairly small 150# or smaller. Speed and accuracey to me is more of a concern. So a shaft that is light with really tight tollerances that could be shot at 26"-70# would be great and Camo dipped a huge plus. Is there such a shaft out there or should I just buy up as many of what Iam shooting now before they are all gone?
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