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Hey guys I am in the search and in a conflict of buying a bow. I am interested in a general or an admiral. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this question. I am not overly concerned with the whole speed factor but a lil more speed with this quiteness wouldn't hurt.

I know that the admiral has about 10 fps- 15 fps on the general but the numbers listed are numbers for 70#s and 30in draw. I am a 26 in draw and will be pulling the full 70#s.

Here is my question to everyone; could you guys help me out and give me an estimate of how much fps I my self would loose?

thanks in advance.
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well i am not really trying to get you guys to tell me which one to buy. its more of a speed question. I am just using those two bows as an example.

i guess i am just wondering is there a huge difference in speed between a 30in draw and 26in draw. that would be any type of bow.
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