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I have a idea for you if you are trying to fine tune your cam timing. I don't know if this will work for all cam designs, but you can still apply the same principles. The cam picture I have up is a Martin Nitrous "A" Cam. This idea is great if you have discovered that a half twist is too much. Try this idea and let me know what you think!

You Will Need:
Serving string or flossing string
Some masking tape or electrical tape 
Some super glue
A knife
A lighter or matches

If you look at the cam pictures I have put up you can
follow along with me as I explain.

Okay, the idea is to shorten the cable 'without' shortening it by putting serving around the cable serving where the cable contacts the module. In order for this idea to work you have to put the serving where it will ALWAYS be in contact with some part of the cam, be it a guide post or module, but it(the serving you added to the string) must always be in contact with the cam. What this does is effectively shortens the cable because you are pushing the cable(just a hair) away from the module or guide post or what ever it is against. You can use serving string or floss for this idea. Another approach is to put something in the module track. I was thinking masking tape or electrical tape with a drop of super glue. You have to be careful not to put so much that you cable is coming out of the track!

Thanks, Matthew
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