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Need help with my hoyt turbotec

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It has 80 lb. limbs on it at the moment, and i was recently diagnosed with tennis elbow in my left arm.:sad: Is there anything i can do, such as a limb switch? If so, where? Any ideas? Thanks guys Its just that the weight is down to sixty nine and it's killing my elbow.

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50-60# limbs

I would get a set of 50-60 # limbs. I have 50-60# limbs on my SuperTec, which is the predecessor of the TurboTec. I have got something bad going on in my left shoulder, and the lower poundage limbs still hurts a little, but not like higher poundage did. I am shooting 58# , 383 grain arrow (Axis N-Fused) , and getting 279 fps. I dont like to hunt shooting more than 280 fps, so it works out perfect for me. I can still get over 300 fps with CT Cheetah Hunters, so If you want speed you can still get it.
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