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Need help with remote starter on Onan Generator

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I was given a 6.5kw Onan RV Genset which I had rebuilt and we installed it at my deer hunting cabin for the occasional need for electric power. It works great and since we installed in a mini barn next to the cabin its actually very quiet. It is a 1982 model and was removed from an old motor coach.

When I had it worked on the mechanic noted that it would accomodate a remote start switch. I liked that idea so I had him order the pig tail for me (see first and second picture below)

The only problem I have it I have no idea how to wire the 5 different wires to the ignition switch.

Does anyone know how to do that, or can point me to wiring instructions/diagram. Any help would be seriously appreciated.
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I work for an electric motor shop and one of the men who works for me is a generator whiz. Give me a day or and I'll see if he can help you out.
Sorry it took so long. Got busy at work. My mechanic brought in his manuals on this style of generator.PM me and I can send you an electrical schematic of the unit you have. Really there's nothing to it. You have a common (HOT) a start and stop and one of the wires is for a light to let you know it's running the other wire is not used. The schematic shows a remote control box but all you really need is a 3 position momentary toggle switch.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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