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Need info on these arrow's..history buff's??

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I recently acquired these arrow's. I cant find much info on them. Just that there Old Pearson Port Orford cedar's.
Both set's are a '205' series. Both came out of the Pine Bluff Arkansas plant.
Anybody got an idea of age ??
What is the value ???
I mean there obviously too old to shoot, but they are in museum quality.I mean remarkable shape.
None appear to ever have been shot.
Any information I can get is greatly appreciated. They will not be for sale in this thread.
After I find out what they are worth, I'll post them in the classified's.
Pics :angel:
Cricket bat Wood

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Shpoet you cussin drinkin fool...
Thanks for the hookup.
Tommy Clum of RMSGear just sent Me a nice email. He couldnt date them but gave Me a ballpark of what He has sold them for.
Nice guy.

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You might try posting on the Traditional forum. Someone dedicated to recurves and longbows may have some knowlege that us compound shooters wouldn't necessarily have.
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