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I live in Michigan also and have several plots planted. All my plots are hunting plots which are small and located in the middle of timber or thick areas that I have cleared. I am no farmer and have done most of the work by hand.

I have 1 Imperial Whitetail clover plot, and 1 Chicory plot ranging from 1/3 to 1/2 of an acre. My deer sightings have tripled since putting in these plots. I also plant another 1/2 acre of so with a fall annual planting every year. This is my late season kill plot. I have had good success with Biologic Maximum, and Wintergreens. The Maximum seemed easier to grow.

One suggestion I have is take your time and do it right, the results will truly reflect your work. Do a soil test, and add lime and fertilizer as required to maintain a good PH. The last test I did had my soil at 6.8, and my plots have really done well. It took me about 800lbs of lime to get my 3 plots to an acceptable level. Lime is fairly cheap also.
A did my soil tests through Biologic website for $7.
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