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I recently moved to shooting a recurve and would be grateful for some sage advice from some of you recurve experts.

Brief background - I have been shooting compound (both target and hunting) for a number of years and am fairly familiar with both shooting and tuning issues for compound. However, when it comes to recurve - I am a complete rookie. I have used Archers Advantage for compound arrow selection and have found it to be very good for both my needs and a number of kids that I coach. I have no idea if it useful for recurve setups.

I am trying to select some arrows for the following three setups - 32#, 36# and 40#. The 32# and 36# limbs are G3's the 40# are some cheaper Hoyt wood/glass limbs. Basic info:

Aerotec risers 25" - med. limbs - length 68"
AMO Draw length - 27.5
Shaft length 26.25
1.75" spin wing vanes
90 gr. points
shooting Navigator shafts

There seems to be differences between what AA recommends and what the various tables I can find suggest for proper shafts . . so need some advice!

I started with the 32# rig and (assuming that I entered everything correctly), it appears that AA suggests 710 shafts while some of charts indicate that this is probably too stiff and recommend either the 880 or the 810. Shot the 710 setup for around a month. Then tried the bare shaft test . . bare shafts hit strong left indicating stiff shaft. So I decided to try the 710's with the 36# setup.

The result was that my 30m score immediately consistently jumped 20 points, which after checking everything else for clearance issues, etc., I can only attribute to a better arrow flight due to a better spine match. So . . I decided to try the bareshaft test with the 710's and the 36# setup. Same result . . still indicating stiff arrow.

Keep in mind that I don't have any real experience in tuning, playing with the plunger tension, etc. AA suggests that 610's would be the correct match for the 36# rig, but the 710's appear to be shooting relatively well (but may still be too stiff). Before I get another dozed nav's, any experienced advice as to what would be appropriate arrow selection for each of the 32#, 36# and 40# setups would be greatly appreciated along with any other tuning advice that you may have. In addition, if you have any opinions about how accurate AA is for selecting recurve arrows, I would love get your input.

Thanks for you help!

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try this

I may not know exactly which arrow goes with your set-up, but I do know that easton has a great chart that can give you the spine for the arrow. if you have a dealer near you (archery); then they would have an easton catalog. in the back of the catalog, there is a chart. look at the chart and decide.

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I find the software (I use TAP) to be very helpful, but you have to make adjustments per your set up, and I never ask it to pick a shaft (too wide a range of spines for my comfort level), finding it works better if you input your data and a specific arrow. For instance, the 710's should work at 36# if you increase your pt wgt to 110gr. This would give you a better FOC, but you would have to see whether you can reach 90m.
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