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Need some advice

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I am new to bowhunting this year. I had a new rest put on and was shooting the lower height vanes and it seemed to shoot fine. I needed some new arrows so I switched arrows although they are the same brand Easton and same weight as the others but I switched to the shorter vanes with the higher height on them and when I was shooting today everything seemed to be fine on the up and down part but everything seemed to be right. I adjusted the sight and everything was still right. If my vanes were hitting my fall away rest would it kick the arrow up and down or would it kick it left and right? I can get the fall away put on for the higher profile vanes but he told me to shoot it first. Do you think it is the vanes hitting the rest causing it to shoot right or is it me? Just wondering which way it would kick if the vanes are hitting the rest.

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Look at your fletchings and see if you have any marks on them, I changed from standard vanes to blazers this year and did not see a difference, good luck
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