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Need some opinions on a broadhead

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Bought a Bowtech Destroyer 340. Had a Mathews FX for years and have always used NAP 100 gr. Thunderheads. The bow shop I bought the Bowtech from suggested that I use a Carbon Express F-15 Fixed Broadhead, I dont use mechanical, I just dont feel comfortable with them, not saying anything bad about them. Its a broadhead that came out somewhat recently, wondering if anyone has used them and do they hold up to the claim that they shot as good as a field tip. Also how good is the wound they leave?
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Hey there,

I have seen these before, and the only large number of reviews I have found are from your "big box" hunting websites.

And they get very high reviews in high numbers, enough that I really want to check them out :)

PM me for a direct link if you want
I have shot two animals with the f-15. First was a doe, and second was a ram.
They did fly like my field tips both animals fell with in sight but both were good shots. (heart on ram, and both lungs on doe)
The holes where smaller then what I was hoping for tho. I shoot Slick Tricks broadheads they make a bigger hole going in and going out then did the F-15 did. So I'm still sticking with my slick tricks. The f-15 are tough heads tho and look cool. imo
If i have a good pic of the doe with the hole I'll post it.
I bought them based on the looks mainly...but im glad i did! That not only look great but they fly like field tips, are super sharp, and definitely do the job. I would reccomend them to anyone!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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