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Need some suggestions

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My freind just got a PSE Brute for his first bow ever.Here is his setup.

PSE Brute
Original WB
F-16 Sight
Easton GameGetters 2219

At 20 yrds his groups are about 10".Any tips I can give him to help him tighten his groups up and start practicing 30 yrds?
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Anybody first starting out in archery is going to be deficient in two categories.

Strength - no matter how "tough" some one is, there are certain muscles or groups that need toning. I keep a therapy rubber band in my desk at work and use this for toning and strengthening, almost every workday.
Concentration or focus - That is a more difficult one to teach.

Be sure his bow is tuned properly and using proper equipment
Critique his form - teach good form from day one, bad habits are hard to break. Practice is one thing, but practicing GOOD FORM is the key.

And something I tough my son very early in training - enjoy what your doing, smile, have fun. If you enjoy it, good shots will follow :)
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