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Need to know 100 grain field point size for my arrows...

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I got a dozen Radial X weave Raven 300 shafts with my AR34 yesterday. The field tips that were installed were .278 OD. The OD of the ferrule is .310 OD. What points should I use in 100 grain. This kind of sizing will wear out the ends of the ferrules quick. As you know I want it to be a flush fit across the plane. I need a size I can ask for.....
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No the od of the ferrule is flush with the arrow on the mating end. Arrows are OK as are the ferrules. The field tips are smaller than the ferrule is by .032 making it punch a cookie cutter hole out of the target instead of sliding in side of the material. Eventually the end edge of the ferrule will wear rounded.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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