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Need to know 100 grain field point size for my arrows...

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I got a dozen Radial X weave Raven 300 shafts with my AR34 yesterday. The field tips that were installed were .278 OD. The OD of the ferrule is .310 OD. What points should I use in 100 grain. This kind of sizing will wear out the ends of the ferrules quick. As you know I want it to be a flush fit across the plane. I need a size I can ask for.....
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The OD of the end on the ferrule is that much bigger than the shaft? That's going to be really hard to pull out of a bag target.
I'd complain.

.310 is barely under 20/64, 10/32 or 5/16.
.278 is just under 18/64 or 9/32.

(for future reference, decimal x 64 gives you the fraction in 64ths)
I gotcha now.
Your tips are 18/64, your arrows are roughly 20/64.
20/64 should be .3125".
21/64 would be .328125" which would put you the other way and make them hard to pull out.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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