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I was at the bow shop today trying to set up my new Pulse. It came from the factory with 29" mods. We put 28.5" mods on it to fit my draw length, but after we did the draw cycle was off. It felt like there was no let off. We put it on the draw board, messed with the timing, took turns out, and in of every cable, string, tiller, draw stops, you name it. We had it in perfect specs. Me and two tecs worked for two hours and couldnt get it right. We checked the draw weight, and the holding weight in the back was 18lbs. Finally we put the original 29" mod on it and boom, perfect. Holding weight was 8 lbs.

Has anyone else has problems like this when changing mods? They were the right mods, we triple checked.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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