Do you or have you ever suffered from FLRAS (forgotten or lost release aid syndrome)? The symptoms are both obvious and debilitating.

Have you ever made the long walk from your truck to your tree stand only to discover at first light that you forgot your handheld release aid back at home or on the front seat of your vehicle? That is a subset of FLRAS known as OCR (Oh Crap where’s my Release!). Even worse, have you reached in your pocket where you always keep your release and found it wide open with nothing inside but lint and broken dreams – your release lying buried in the grass who knows where? That right there is the most serious form of FLRAS called CFR (Can’t Find my Release) and it’s an expensive one to cure.

We don’t have to tell you that not having your release aid with you can ruin a hunt faster than that last night’s reheated Mexican food coming back to haunt you.

And it’s not just hunters who suffer from FLRAS. As a forgetful type, I’ve arrived to a 3D shoot missing my release aid. Hell, once I even forgot to bring arrows. While there is no product out there that I know of that can help with the arrow situation, the folks at Advanced Outdoor Technology do have a solution to FLRAS.

The Three Wisemen release holder lets you keep your release locked and loaded to the one thing you would never forget to bring with you – your bow!

The product itself is pretty darn simple. So simple, in fact, that we wonder how nobody has thought of this before. The Three Wisemen release holder mounts to your bow between the stabilizer and the riser. You can also mount it to your bow sight if you’d rather go that route.

Once the Three Wisemen release holder is secured to your bow, you can connect your handheld release aid to it. It uses a large magnet on the outside and a smaller one on the inside the grab onto your release, while a friction device inside a lever adds a further level of security. That lever can be locked down as tight as you like.

And while there is a pretty clear benefit to being able to keep your release on your bow when you are not shooting, the main idea behind the product is to provide thumb button shooters with the same easy access to their release as somebody who shoots with a wrist strap.

Putting the release in the holder or taking it out is a fast and quiet operation. And once it’s locked in place, you’ll never have to worry about where your release aid is ever again. Having one less thing to worry about on the morning of a hunt and one less thing to keep in your pocket is a heck of a bonus.

Made of injection molded ABS, the Three Wisemen release holder works with three of the most popular handheld release aids on the market today – the Carter Nock2It, Wise Choice (3 or 4 finger), and First Choice (3 or 4 finger). However, the team at Advanced Outdoor Technology is working hard on making mounts for other handheld releases – not to mention other outdoor products for hunters, anglers, and campers.

So make sure you never have another flareup of FLRAS again and keep your handheld release mounted and secured to your bow with the Three Wisemen release holder.

For more info, click here to visit Advance Outdoor Technology's site.