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I had a chance to shoot the new Z4 Limbs today on the Tribute riser at Three Rivers. I have not had the opportunity to shoot Morrison Max4's " I have a order in"or the Border Hex series. At this time I can not compare limbs. I plan on doing so this year at some point.

Here is a great read on limb and riser design.

I currently shoot a 66" recurve- Sky foam core limbs.

Interference:New Riser- Which I think is an Amazing Riser -was used at the same time to test the new limbs. The two were confounded making it impossible for me to partition the contributions of each.

Shooting Impression:

Sound and vibration at shot- I did not get a chance to perfectly tune the bow. I am certain this riser limb combo will be produce less noise than my current set up and my current set up is very quiet. I was expecting the tuning fork sound or resonance I have heard discussed with similar limbs. I did not experience this at all. I also did not get the distinct "foam core" sound that I am used to hearing when I shoot.

Draw force- I did not have a lot of time but the three points I gathered show a 2lb increase per inch. My draw with these limbs was around 29.5 which is a bit longer than normal. They do not stack like conventional limbs. If you want Draw Force Curves I am sure Dean can provide them to you. I did notice the draw force tapered off slightly toward the back of the draw cycle.

Robust- Lol I dropped the darn thing on a tile floor and did not chip scratch or otherwise hurt it.

Stability- I think this has become the "mojo" portion of some Super Recurve Limbs. I can not provide a tool that applies torque pressure to the string and measures limb resistance throughout the draw curve. Please read the article referenced above. I can tell you that compared to the 3 sets of limbs I own the Z4 limbs feel like they require more force from my hand to torque the string. Stability should not be subjective, I will find a way to measure this when I do my comparison between Morrison, Z4 and Border.

Overall I liked them enough to to order them. I was getting ready to drop the hammer and my wife walked in and ruined my plans. I will be sending Dean an email later.

Set up info-
29.5 in DL
47.4lbs draw
7.5 in Brace Height - " I think this limbs set would respond well to lower BH"
389 grain arrow “Maxima 350”
125gr field point.
Zero tiller

The limbs were marked [email protected]" I had them backed out quite a bit.

Average FPS 203
Low-198- Poor Release-Called it at the shot
High – 206- Relaxed full expansion

Draw Force @ Draw Length Using very repeatable and precise Draw Length Board and Scale
[email protected] 28"
[email protected]"
[email protected]"

Riser Length Impact
On a 17" riser 45.6lb @ 28" DL
On a 19" riser 44.4lb @ 28" DL
On a 21" riser 43.2lb @ 28" DL

It is important to note these limbs are designed to be in the middle range of the advertised weight. If you order [email protected]" this would would be achieved with limb bolts backed out a few turns.

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I've gotten couple sets of z4 from Bill and they are nice

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I'm looking forward to your comparison of the three limbs. I have a set of morrison max3 limbs that I love, but I'm also considering a set of z4 limbs for my original zipper.
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