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Hello everyone, this is Danny.

I recently get into studying about archery and decided to give it a shot.
With next to zero experience in actual shooting, I would like to get advice on what bow to use. I researched on the net and based on the availability on my home country, it comes down to 3 sets.

Krossen Xenia + Krossen Xenia Limbs
Samick Avante + Samick Impress Limbs
BR Maw + BR Maw Limbs

Looking to shot around 24 to 28 lbs.
Based on that selection, which one do you think would be the best choice?
My priority is on durability and accuracy.

Thank you very much for reading and commenting.

Just thwackin' it.
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Unfortunately most of the followers in the General forum are compound shooters. Have you looked in the traditional forum? I know modern 'curves aren't necessarily "traditional" gear but they may be able to help you more.

Good luck!
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