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I purchased a NAP Quick Tune 2000 drop away rest several months ago. It is a fantastic rest. I set it up and havent had any problems what so ever with this rest. I haven't had to make a single adjustment since day one. The only thing that dissapointed me about it was with the arrow holder that came with it. The instructions said that it held an arrow even at extreme angles. Not!
The holder is a little over a 1/2" wide and will not hold any arrow that I know of. I saw this even before I installed it.
I recently saw a "new" NAP arrow holder for drop aways in Cabellas catalog that sells for $7.99. It makes the same claim about holding an arrow, even when held upside down. I called NAP's 800 number and told them about my problem. They promised to get the new holder out to me this week at no charge.
NAP's customer service was first class. The woman who answered the phone helped me and was very professional and knowlegable. I was very impressed.
For all who have had this problem with the arrow holder, I'll let you know if the new one works when i get mine.
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