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I finally got my new bow and started working on putting it together. I have quite of bit of work left to do, but first I have to get different Mod's for my draw. I have to get my arrows measured and cut and then I have to dial it in, but this is a start.

2011 Elite Pure To be used for 3D specifically (Black Riser with Snow camo limbs)
(my hunting bow is a 2009 BowTech Admiral)
Spot Hogg Saturday night special release
Spot Hogg Hogg-it .010 bullet proof pins with wrap and light
Bowjax Monster Jax limb suppressors
Trophy Taker Pro blade rest
Carbon Express CXL Pro 250 (rough estimate of 321 grains)
Onestringer 2 1/2" wrap
Bohning Blazer Pin Nocks
CXL Pin Bushings
Blazer Vanes 2"
Finger Sling
Doinker 12" DISH

Well, I think that is about it. I hope to have it all dialed in for my inaugural shoot in a week and a half.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts