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New bow, expert opinions and advice needed!

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Hey everyone,
I just ordered a new black Hoyt Carbon Element and was wanting to know if all of the components I will be getting for the bow is going to be OK.
I will be shooting 3D as well as hunting with this rig.

Bow will be set at 60lbs. at 29.5" draw length
TightSpot quiver - Good fit? Does this mount directly on the bow?
QAD HDX rest - Anybody got one of these yet? Does it fit the Element?
CBE Sniper Pro Sight - Good sight?
Arrows, arrows, arrows....this is where I am stuck...

CX Blue streak 250's
CX Mayhem 250's
Easton FMJ 340's
CX Maxima 250's
or PSE Radial X Weave Pro 200's
Which is the better ALL PURPOSE arrow to buy?
I want dead-on accuracy without sacrificing penetration.

I'll be shooting 100 grain field tips and 100 grain 2 blade blood runners with them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!!
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Thanks guys, keep it comin'!
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