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New Bowtech Tomkat owner.. Questions..

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Hi guys I'm a proud new owner of a 2008 bowtech tomkat. Just fired it for the first time today and sighted it in. I have a couple of questions.. The reason I'm asking here is I bought the bow in a dealer sale to get it off the shelf and he didn't seem like a real knowledable bow guy. A small shop that seemed more gun oriented with the bows on the side. Its supposed to be set for a 29" draw. What should the numbers on the mod be for that. Also how do you go about setting it up for the speed option or the smooth option, how do I tell what it's set up for now?? How do I tell what the letoff is set at.. How much can I do without a bow press... I guess I should ask is there like a tutorial website or instructional thread in this forum that could anwser all my questions.. This is my first compound, I just let go of a recurve so sighting it in was relatively easy for me, but the rest is like I don't know where to start.. HELP!!! :shade: thanks in advance..
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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