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New Breed Eclipse Bow, Right Handed, Draw: 28.5" and 29" Mods, 50-60lb limbs, String in great condition, Red QAD rest, Axcel Accutouch single pin AV31 sight (with Tapes) (I believe it is a .19 fiber), 6 Easton 340 Fatboy arrows, T.R.U. Ball Short and Sweet release, 30.06 Outdoor duel carrier soft case, Easton side quiver, Beestinger Stabilizer, and, hooded peep. Great bow for an experienced shooter and one wanting to get into 3D and Target.
Black Bow with silver limb pockets and cams. I used to shoot for this company but due to an injury I finally have to quit and will be unable to shoot. I absolutely love shooting this bow as it is incredibly smooth and soft to shoot with a great wall, but after 2 shoulder surgeries and now a complete replacement, it time to quit. At 35" axel to axel, 7" Brace, at 4lb, it is a great, "do everything bow", from 3D to Target to hunting its a tough bow to beat.

Everything $600 TYD

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