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I am looking at a new method of handling video clips for training that will give a new ongoing revenue stream to pro shops and clubs. All the club or shop need supply is a video camera and computer.
This program works in 2 ways the first is by sound, set up the video camera or quality web cam then at the sound of the arrow being released the program will automatically record 15 seconds prior to release and 3 seconds after, these clips are automatically saved in the clients folder when ready to submit them for analysis you simply press send and they are sent to me or they can be saved to DVD or CD for posting.
The second is by a click of the mouse at the point of release to activate the automatic functions of the program.
Promotional posters will be supplied by me in digital form
Your club or shop will be paid by the archer you will then be billed by me for the coaching service you keep the difference this will give a new regular income for your club or shop
I am looking for feed back on this as the investment from my side will be quite large if I decide to change to this system.
To register your interest at no obligation or for more info please contact me at my site or by PM

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