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New E-Force

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Just got my new E-Force in today. I was surprised to see it had the all black riser and camo limbs, but man is it COOL!!!! I wish I had time to post the pics, but I'm headed to Africa in the am, and won't be back for 10 days.

It is a 27.5 inch draw, 80# limbs, EZ mods. The test sheet said that it was pushing a 400 grain arrow at 300fps as it is. WOW!!

I have an E-500 coming in this week that should be the exact same. I am used to pulling a 73 pound Mathews, and I normally do that very easily, but I broke some ribs a few months back, so I have not been shooting. Pulling that 80 pounder back was a bit stiff!!

As soon as I get back, both of these bows are headed for Crackers for him to take care of them. Then it will be exercise, exercise, exercise till I can smoothly draw that 80 pounds back. I can't wait to see what Mike can do with them.

Just needed to let out a little excitement. I'll check back in 10 days or so....
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wow, Africa and you just got the bow!
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