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New from Wisconsin

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Good morning and happy new year everyone!

i joined this forum in hopes of connecting with fellow archer enthusiasts!

i am 30 years old, I live in Wisconsin and I have never shot a bow or even held one! However, since a young age I have always had an interest in archery (robin hood, arrows with suction cups, etc.).

Fast forward to today, and I have finally decided to pursue this sport as a new hobby! I plan on doing a lot of practicing and shooting, with the intention to go out hunting someday.

i have a lot of interest in compound bows due to their vast capabilities and versatilities. But I feel like I would find enjoyment in shooting traditional bows for fun as well.

I have been watching A TON of nock on videos on youtube, and love his school of nock. But I am just wondering if anyone has any advice for a brand new archer?

I am hoping to get into a pro shop this week. The local pro shops have had a very lack of response to any forms of contact ive made with them. I didn’t want to show up unannounced and take up a couple hours of someone’s time without notice.

thanks for checking out my introduction post!
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Those wishing to keep up with my story,

I was contacted today by a larger archery/gun shop. The manager of the store was the person who contacted me, and assured me that he could get me in for a 30 min or 1 hour lesson this week. They are currently gearing up for an annual archery event, but don’t want to lose the opportunity to give someone new a great instruction.

he said the instructor will start me with a traditional bow shooting with my fingers, and towards the end of my instruction, or second day, they will break out a mission bow for me to try and shoot with a release.

he said the lessons are private and their range is closed to private lessons only due to covid. So it will be a very personable 1 on 1 lesson. Which I thought would be very nice.
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