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new hunter

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well just tonite my girlfriend tells me that she wants to try bowhunting with me. :darkbeer:

soo im thinking about going out and getting her a bow. and seeing if i can get it set up and get her practicing. i dont know if im gonna feel comfortable with letting her take a shot at an animal this year or not. (this will be her first time shooting a bow) but im deff planning on getting her in the tree with me multiple times this year.

my question is...i need recommendations on a bow for her. im guessing her draw length is gonna be around 26". and shes 5'4" and 105 lbs. im not sure how much poundage she can handle. so im looking for something with a little speed to it and decent priced. i dont want a cheap p o s but not crazy expensive either. any suggestions guys?
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go with a ready to shoot package at Dicks or Sportsmans warehouse, which ever is in your area. They have many packages from 300-500 bucks, also they have no problem letting her shoot the bow first. No need to get a 82nd for a new shooter.
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