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New hunting set-up

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Hi - am getting back into bow hunting after about a 10 year absence. Had bought a new set-up back then and hunted again with it this year. It's dated, and along with the "itch" for something newer, I want to upgrade my equipment. Have learned a lot reading on here, but I have three basic questions that I can't find satisfactory answers to:
1. Used equipment prices look attractive. But, would I be better off spending 2X as much at a good bow shop to take advantage of their knowledge.
2. My old set-up uses a basic flipper rest - light and effective. Are all of these new rests worth the added weight, cables, micro micro adjustments and complexity to somebody who would rather be in the woods than tinkering with his equipment after it is set up correctly?
3. Same for sights - old set-up is a basic pin through a peep. Put it where you want to shoot and kill the deer.

As with EVERYTHING in life, it appears as though archery has become very commercialized. To me, it's more about getting into the woods, getting in front of a deer and shooting it. Of course, if I can greatly increase my chances of shooting one at longer distances, with less light and with cleaner shots, then I will be willing to buy some of this technology. So, any advice would be appreciated by this semi-newbie who was blown away by the racks and racks of products where the TM Hunter and 3-pin used to hang. Thanks
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Thanks for typing all that out, Snoopy. You raised some good points and more questions:

BOW - I'm a guy who buys most larger ticket items used. Don't see why a bow would be any different? (Is this larger ticket) Anyways, local shop sells Matthews, Renegade and Parker, but would probably service any. Of those choices, I'd tend towards Parker based on my limited knowledge. Would have to drive about an hour to shoot many different brands to see if I liked one better.

REST - have been thinking that the Whisker Biscuit looked very practical.

SIGHT - here's my concern: don't all of those fiber-optic pins get confusing when the moment of truth comes?

Thanks again!
Thanks again guys.

I had only used 1 pin previously, so these multi-pin sights look pretty intimidating. KISS works for me!

Also, does all of the fiber-optic, glowy stuff really make it possible to shoot in lower light?

My biggest hurdle right now is going to my local shop and shooting all of the Parkers to find the one I like best, but then walking out and buying it used on here. I come from a small town and I like to buy locally. However, my wallet says otherwise for a bow right now. Sure would like the months between now and next bow season to get up to better form though.
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