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New Jersey Bow Hunters

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It’s Time to Stand and be Counted

There is more at stake than the ability to hunt with a bow on Sundays. It is a statement about whether you are committed to the ideals of conservation – it is commentary on whether you truly believe that angling, hunting, trapping, forestry and marine management is healthy for the ecology.

Conservationists say that the animal rights activists have it wrong – but over the years our inaction has allowed them to create a monopoly on the opinions of the media and politicians. Outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen have merely shook their heads at each freedom lost. It has been our choice to remain uninvolved.

It is time to stop shaking our heads and begin shaking our fists at those who have mischaracterized us, those who have portrayed us as villains to an ignorant New Jersey citizenry.

Now is the time to stand and be counted. So pick up the phone and call your legislators and ask them to support Bill A1669 - Sunday Bow hunting.

Think about this; the call is as much about conservation and bow hunting as it is about your commitment to the future of conservation and the passage of any future outdoor related bills. It is as important to the angler as it is to the hunter, as important to the forester as it is to the marine biologist.

We have spent more than one year fighting to have our say. Yep. It’s time to stand an be counted. Call your state assemblymembers at their district offices to urge SUPPORT for Sunday Bow hunting. To find their phone number click the following link:

Find your town and then click on your district for your assemblyperson and their phone number. Call them and ask them to vote YES on Sunday Bow Hunting bill A1669. Get your friends, neighbors and relatives to do the same.

Below is an animal activist organizations call to defeat our bill.

Animal Activist Alert

From: New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance <[email protected]>
To: NJARA Action Alerts! <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2009 14:29:30 -0400
Subject: [Njara Alert] NJ Sunday Hunting Bill Up For A Vote!
Monday, March 9

Dear Members and Supporters:

At the end of last year, and only with your help, we managed to fight back legislation that would allow for the hunting of deer with bow and arrow on Sundays.

That bill, A1669, is coming up for a vote in the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources committee on Thursday, March 12. A companion bill has already passed the Senate, so if A1669 passes the Assembly committee and moves onto the full Assembly, it goes right to Corzine's desk. This is too close for comfort. The Assembly NEEDS to know how many people strongly oppose this bill.

Please reach out to the following legislators and ask them to vote NO on A1669 when it comes before them in committee on Thursday. It doesn't matter if you are not in their district. They are on a committee hearing bills for the entire state, so your opinion counts.

Let them know that you are watching this bill carefully and you do NOT want hunting on Sundays. The hunters have 6 days of killing. They need 7? The animals can't have 1 day of peace? If this crazy bill passes, hikers, bird watchers, families, cyclists and others who enjoy the outdoors would not be able to go into the woods at all during the bow and arrow hunting season. If they do, they risk being shot with an arrow. This is insane. We need to kill this bill.

We need EVERYONE to work on this with NJARA this week. We'll be sending out daily email alerts with specific tasks for you to do on that day that will only take a few minutes. For today, please do the following:

MONDAY, MARCH 9, 2009 - Contact the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee members
Politely, but firmly, let them know of your opposition to A1669 and that you STRONGLY URGE THEM TO VOTE NO.

Assemblyman Nelson T. Albano, Vice-Chair
[email protected]

Assemblyman John F. Amodeo
[email protected]

Assemblyman Herb Conaway
[email protected]

Please forward this email to hiking or cycling clubs, or any others you know who enjoy the outdoors.

If you have any questions, contact us at 732-446-6808.