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new limbsaver bows 09

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Go to You can see all the new DZ for 09 click on 09 bows GARY SIMS LIMBSAVER
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Awesome new pages to the site !

Love the new Sting Decelerator !! Looks like it should fit just about anything and the answer to the front or back mount question is already it either way

See link here

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looks great. im pretty anxious to shoot these bows. really like the look of the new string suppressor. will get one for my 08.
i still think im gonna like the 32 inch model best, sorta the best of all worlds, speed, short, and forgiving. the fast one looks cool, but i worry about the brace height, not for forgiveness, but because i got short arms and have trouble keeping short brace bows off my arm. my 32 fits me like a glove.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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