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New Minnesota Range/shop...St. Michael "Midwest Archery"

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I'd like to give a thumbs up, shout out to "Midwest Archery" in St. Michael, MN, right off 94. For those in the metro/St. Cloud area...we know there hasn't been a real shop in this midway area. I had a chance today to go check them out, I think they've been there for a few months now. First impression when I walked in...I was greated by one of the owners, friendly and knowledgable! We spent quite a while BSing. Nice guy! I took a walk around to check out the facility, huge range from 10 to just shy of 40yds, nice targets, well it. Nice bow racks, nice seating area, couches, etc...good spot to sit down and take a break from the shooting. They carry Strother, Elite and Bowtech...nice to have a Strother dealer around so people can check them out!! Which I did...the wrath is a shooter for sure. It seems they did a nice job setting everything up, it's not cluttered or overstocked with fluff...just good equipment.

One thing I liked which is hard to find in this neck of the woods...leagues!! They offer several from target to hunt and the one thing I was really looking forward to trying...the Techo range. Very nice guys! The current leagues, even Techno are starting this week...

I was impressed, from the friendly owner, good lines of bows, roomy, clean range and shop...well done.

A nice shop in the area....FINALLY!!!! The icing on the cake, after a few hours of shooting 5 spot, doing some tuning, a run at the Techno range...a few sodas...$15!! Had I run to St. Cloud, my tab woud have been in the $30' walk out after hours of shooting and a quick tune for fifteen bucks...what a breath of fresh air!

For other local guys/ owe it to yourself to go check these guys out!!

Keep up the good work Midwest Archery!!:thumbs_up
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I will have to check them out. They are about 45 minutes away for me and with these gas prices I won't likely be going much, but I drive past when going to the cabin so I will have to check them out.
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