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new mount in the house

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the deer itself is not a new mount but ive had this idea for a while and decided to do it i built the base myself out of walnut and found a old fencepost and my taxidermists did the rest we have got alot of good feedback on this so we started building them to sell you can see some of them on the taxidermy forum on here let me know what you think
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Looks pretty cool! I like it. :shade:
looks great :darkbeer:
Really like the way you had that mounted on that stand. Congrats on a nice buck!!


I need to rig up my elk mount on something like that. My basement sucks.
pedastals are nice , i like the grass and the mounting post you used for that one.
Very nice.
Looks great, nicely done :)
very nice!

Looks incredible! :faint:
awesome mount........congrats!
Sweet, very nice
awesome man I like it
very nice...
Sweet! I wish I had the room in my apartment for something like that.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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